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Don't Just Watch The Game - Own It

LAST UPDATED: November 29, 2022

Football Belongs to the Fans
Football Belongs to the Fans

You're already watching the match... but now you have the chance to own it and unlock exclusive IRL footballing experiences and memorabilia in the process. We guarantee we'll get you closer than ever to the game we love.

What's in it for you?

Serie A Digital Video Moments
Serie A Digital Video Moments

What's a Moment?

It's very simple. A Moment is an officially licensed highlight - but it's yours to keep.

We know what you're thinking: "But how is this any better than just watching highlights the usual way?". Well, can you show the average highlight to your mate and say I OWN Shevchenko's legendary goal v Bari, for example? Does watching games give you the chance to actually meet your favourite player? Have a signed jersey delivered to your doorstep? Attend a match as a VIP? We can make that happen.

Multiple people can own the same highlight, but the one you own has a unique Serial Number, some more valuable than others - you might own the 1st or even one that matches the player's jersey number.

Moments can be anything, a 40 yard screamer, an unbelievable save, a defence-splitting back-heel assist, or the very first time a new signing sets foot on the pitch.

You can choose to keep Moments in your collection, sell it to another footy-obsessed fan on the Marketplace, or use it to compete in Challenges for the chance to earn incredible and exclusive IRL rewards and experiences.

What makes Moments special?

Not all moments are created equal…so some are rarer than others. A Moment's rarity depends on loads of factors including how important it was to the game, season, player or club.

We have 4 types of Moments: Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary.

4 Types of Moments
4 Types of Moments

Start Your Collection
Start Your Collection

How do I buy Moments?

There are two ways to get your hands on them; Buy a Pack in a drop, or buy a specific Moment on the Marketplace.

Buying Moments In Packs

Packs are your way to pull the most incredible moments in Serie A and other top football leagues.

To keep it interesting, the quantity and rarity of the moments as well as the price change frequently.

For each pack we publish the exact list of Moments and rarity odds. Check here to view the full Pack Drop Contents and Pack Odds from Drop 1.

Buying Moments On The Marketplace

Our Marketplace is where you can buy specific Moments. So if you're looking for a particular Moment you want to add to your collection, head to the Marketplace.

The Marketplace
The Marketplace

Challenges And Rewards
Challenges And Rewards

Compete in Challenges to unlock rewards

We have regular Challenges for you to compete in to unlock rewards that get you closer to the game. Each Challenge will require you to collect specific Moments to unlock digital and even real-world utility.

There are three types of challenges:

Lineup Challenge: Own and hold a specific set of Moments to win rewards. (Tip: Missing any Moments? Scout them on the Marketplace)

Kicker Challenge: Same as the Lineup Challenge, but you can use a kicker collectible to replace any missing Moment needed to complete the challenge.

Transfer Challenge: New! Burn a specific set of Moments to win rewards.

Keep an eye out for our regular Challenges here, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

What Can I Win?

Exclusive access to your favourite clubs

Behind-the-scenes stadium tours, VIP match tickets, or a chance to meet your idols at the training ground.

Iconic Merchandise

We also have signed jerseys, signed boots, official balls and even match-worn jerseys to be won.

Digital Rewards

You can also score additional rarer or more sought-after Moments if you have the right set of original Moments.

That's a wrap.

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